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Just re-read M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled.

Written in 1978.
I read it in 1984.
It blew my mind at the time. Was somehow relevant to my first long-term relationship. Explained things.

Wanted to see what I would “see” upon a second read, 33 years later, with all the couples therapy perspectives I currently hold.

The first time, I remember reading something about the culprit of expectations.
I was surprised this second round to read so much encouragement of differentiation and blasting of forms of dependency.

Scott goes so far as to call a person who says, “I can’t live without you” a parasite.

He goes on to suggest that “you would be better off being dependent on heroin.”

Finally, this made an impression on me that I’ll never forget:
Love is defined as loving someone when you don’t feel like loving him or her.


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May 11th, 2017 at 10:40 pm

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